Sunday, June 24, 2007

Purple Binge

Before I started the dye adventure for my friend's horn cozy, I had purchased some neat hand dyed wool from the knitting/spinning shop down in Powattan.

Unfortunately, I can't remember how much I started with, but I know I had enough for socks. So I've been spinning it out.

Here are the singles so far:

Here is what I have left to spin so far:

It doesn't look very purple in the box but it's because the lighting was pretty bad.

And here is a blurry picture of the plyed yarn so far. And it is pretty consistent and the right weight for socks.

Won't this make really cool socks?

I'm also knitting toe up socks. Thanks T for showing me how to do the toe-up thing. Now these are purple!

I've had this yarn for over a year. It was time to use it.

And as soon as I get the merino off the wheel, the purple stuff for the horn is going on.

And if you look back one post, you will see that the lace weight yarn is a deep, dark purple.

I blame it on the elderberry mead.

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