Friday, May 25, 2007

Bulldozer Housekeeping

I was treated to a tour of one of my co-worker's homes yesterday at lunch time. She lives near the office and took me on a quick tour of the house they moved into last year. She has two pre-school aged children and she and her husband have been married for 9 years. The lived in a trailer and saved every dime until they could scrap the money together to build their dream house on about 70 acres.

She was extremely apologetic that the stair railing and a few yards of baseboard were not installed yet.

She claimed the house was a mess because of it.

The place was freaking perfect! Not a speck of dust anywhere. No dog hair (they don't have pets) and no clutter at all. Not even kid toys in sight. I think the bed cover on her one child's bed were a little rumpled because he made it himself, but the house was immaculate.


I wonder how she can stand to step foot into some of the homes of some of our customers?

And short of borrowing a bulldozer and sand blaster from her husband, I doubt seriously I will be inviting her over to my house anytime soon.

I did find out a couple of her secrets besides no pets. Her children spend most evenings and weekends outside playing and they don't watch TV. What else is there for a non-crafting, non-knitter, non-TV viewer to do but clean house? She's the one, by the way, who calls me "Martha Stewart" at work because of all my knitting/spinning/cooking.

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