Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mother Frustrations

Okay, I'm bitching here.

I'm frustrated.

I'm annoyed with my son. I'm annoyed by the U.S. Army and I'm angry I can't step in and fix things.

He's in the Army. He's at Fort Gordon. He's supposed to be in school working on his MOS (don't ask me what that stands for) but he's supposed to be learning to be computer specialist. He signed in for six years to get that training. He made it through boot camp at Fort Knox. He was supposed to go to Fort Gordon in Georgia, finish his training by March and then get an assignment somewhere.

I should be grateful, I suppose, that he's not in Iraq or Afganistan. But he's basically sitting on his ass doing nothing. He's not in school because they lost the paperwork (he says). Then, just when they were supposed to get everything straightened out and he was supposed to start school again (he was recycled due to illness twice); he stupidly let himself and his buddy get running so late at the PX (this is NOT new behavior in this young man, mind you); they were racing back to get to formation in time and he dashed out in front of a car and got hit.

Or so he reports. He says he hurt his shoulder and needs to have surgery... and yet today he called and complained that he was asleep and the commander made him do pushups! I'm sorry, this makes no sense to me and I'm not sure anymore that I can believe anything he tells me... but because he's 18 years old... I no longer have the right to request an inquiry (believe me, I tried, but my Congresswoman's aide explained that requests for inquiries must come from him because he is no longer a minor).

So, I'm glad he's not in Iraq or Afganistan... but I'm sort of anxious that he's messing up pretty bad, is scared to tell me and is soon to be drummed out. I can't imagine the Army (even under the best of circumstances) letting him goof off for six years.

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Elle Kasey said...

Wow! It sounds like quite a bit of action. I am a Northern Neck knitter too. I also happen to be pretty involved in Army Family Programs. There's something called a Family Readiness Group that can help navigating trials and tribulations. You can find one near you through, parents are welcome.