Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Need more practise

I got this much (91 yards) of the alpaca-mohair-angora plyed.

I was pretty happy with it but it was a tad overspun I think. Came out to worsted weight which is what I wanted. So two points for me there.

But I had a bit left on one of the bobbins so I decided that rather than try to split it in two and possibly screw up the single by winding off onto another bobbin that I could probably just Navajo ply it.

This is what I got. It's bulky weight, which is fine. But the plying is very uneven which I don't like. I also only have about 29 yards of it.

Anyway, while I originally thought this fiber would be silky enough for next to skin... it does not pass my neck test after being spun. But it's not so bad that it bothers my shins or forearms... I'm thinking mittens.

Yes, I'm seriously thinking mittens.
And I could use the bulky bit for a little decorative textile change at the cuff. But will I have enough to make two mittens or do I need to order more?

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