Sunday, March 18, 2007

The batt spinning

I got a new camera! My son went with me and helped me find the right one. Had we lived closer to the store (a two hour drive) the store was ready to hire him because he did such a good job of listening to me and helping me (and the salesman) find what I needed. Unfortunately, he doesn't drive yet. Perhaps I will become brave enough to start teaching him this summer.
In any case, here are pictures I took yesterday of work in progress.This is some of the grey batt from the folks from whom I bought that wonderful fawn colored alpaca roving. This batt is a blend of alpaca and angora and a bit of wool.

This picture shows the luster of the fiber better even though it's slightly out of focus.

This came from a large batt -- about 2 feet wide and 3 foot or more long. I divided the batt in half (one half for each bobbin), then I just broke it into pieces about six inches wide and started spinning. It is very silky feeling. I'm just hoping I didn't over spin it.

The next step is plying it.

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