Friday, February 16, 2007

Part of the Team

I think.

I did it. I burned the popcorn.

We were just short of flames but considering the smoke, it would not have taken much longer to get there. The popcorn itself was tossed out the back door into the drainage pond where it apparently sizzled for a moment.

It took four minutes of un-attended popping in the office microwave to create this disaster.

I apparently burnt it worse than anyone in the history of the office.

And I was awarded (with certificate and full attendance from the entire staff at the presentation) with the Cheech and Chong Burnt Popcorn Award.

The funny thing is that they also gave me a replacement bag. I promised not to cook it without supervision.


Barbara said...

Burning the popcorn around here sets off the fire alarm and we all get to wait outside while the nice young firemen make sure that the building is not really on fire. Needless to say - you don't get an award for that...

LOL - Luckily I haven't done it yet.

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

Geena-Lou did the exact same thing twice this week---and she used the communal kitchen's microwave, so now the entire building smells like burnt popcorn. (But I like that smell!)