Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Victimizing the Victims Part III

You wait.

You must wait to put gasoline in your car. You must wait to buy groceries. You cannot order the shoes that you need. You are stuck waiting for the bank to put your money back because they told your husband that they would.

On Friday, the bank deposits $1,200 in your account. But there is not yet any refund of the $150 overdraft charges.

On Saturday, you get a letter from the bank stating that they have "temporarily" put the missing money back pending the outcome of their investigation and if it is discovered that the money really was stolen due to no fault on your part, the deposit will be permanent. You wonder what is meant by "no fault". You wonder if there was something you could have done differently to prevent this. You feel a burst of anger at the bank people because you feel as if they are doubting you and may, in fact, try to blame you for what happened.

You still don't have a replacement debit card. But at least the bank covered the check you had written to the grocery store.

On Monday, the bank finally puts back the overdraft charge fee.

Payday is on Thursday. You are worried that not closing the account altogether may have been a mistake. What if the thieves know when you get paid and try again to spend your money?

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