Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More This and That

Over the weekend I spun up a bunch off odd fibers and plied a bunch of singles that I had lying around from spindling.

Here are pictures.

There's not much yarn in each skein. One, the 3-ply natural Corriedale, is actually a very nice yarn but I only have about 10 yards. I took some really trashed junk Rambouillet and spun it up as much to get it out of the way as I two half bobbins full of it so I just plied it together.

I also made this very nice two-ply purple and white corriedale that will make wonderful sock yarn. The problem is that there isn't enough to make an adult pair of socks. I'm thinking that I'm going to save onto it and make some baby booties. Trouble is I just don't know anyone expecting a baby just now.

But I have also spun up some very nice alpaca which is waiting to be plyed with some much nicer rambouillet.

As noted in an earlier post, I have started teasing the rambouillet and then running it through Fred. I realized it was still really sticky because it was still full of lanolin. So over the weekend I nearly boiled the stuff in soapy water. Then rinsed it twice in 160 degree water.

Amazing to me, it STILL has lanolin in it but it is no longer sticky. I did run it through Fred again because the washing and re-drying made it a bit compacted. It is now some really nice stuff. I have about a half a bobbin full. I'm going to shoot for about 3/4 full then ply with the alpaca.

That should give me enough yarn to knit up a hat for my sister in Colorado.

My sweater progresses a bit.

I turned the heel on the first red sock this weekend.

Progress.... it's coming slow but sure.

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Karin said...

Just make the booties and someone you know will get pregnant. Happens to me all the time. ;-)