Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yet another hat order

My sister traveled all the way out from Colorado for the holidays. She came out of the Eagle Airport so did not have the same troubles the folks in Denver experienced. I gave her a six pack of some beer she liked that she can't purchase in Colorado. But she really liked the hat I gave my mom (the brown rambouillet with the fawn alpaca) and while the one I made mom was a little short on her head, I am going to make a longer one for her. I will probably blend the alpaca with the rambouillet when my new drum carder arrives and so it will be a little different from mom's but it should be good.

I still need to make a hat for my son's friend Niko and a hat for me.

I'm thinking ahead to next year. I think my boss needs a nice, manly scarf he can tuck into his overcoat. And my other boss... she may need a lace scarf. I might get these done this spring and tuck them away with lots of soap so the moths can't find them.

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