Sunday, December 10, 2006

Trip wires and deadlines

I'm coming down to the wire now and I have a bad feeling that I'm not quite going to make it on all the projects I hoped to get done.

I'm only part way through spinning the wool for my dad's hat. The resulting yarn is wonderful, but I won't have enough to complete the project and knit it in the next 15 days....

Well, I might if I didn't have all these other projects to work on, too.

There is the tea cozy for my mother-in-law.

Then I have a hat to finish for Allison. (I had completed another one for her, but my niece also wanted a red hat, so I decided to make a different version of the hat with a little more grown-up feel for Allison.) I will get this one done.

I've started a hat for Ken in Navy Blue Merino that I purchased. He will be able to wear this one with his uniform on those very cold winter nights.

I'm still working on my mom's lace scarf.

I have decided to give Wes and John money. Matthew will probably end up with a gift certificate for someplace.

And my red socks are just about ready for a heel flap but they will have to wait until all these other projects are finished.

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Judy said...

Welcome to the Christmas Nutters Knitalong! Yes hats are the problem at the moment aren't they? Nice WIP's by the way.