Monday, October 09, 2006

My Fall Fiber Festival Haul

As promised, I took a couple of pictures of the stuff I bought at the fiber festival.

The first is this darling little fiber fairy. I found her in a little tent with a delightful lady who told me that her tent blew over Saturday and other folks from the fair rescued all her stuff for which she was profoundly grateful. I do think this little thing is too cute. Not counting her wingtips, she's about 3 inches tall.

The rest of this stuff... let's see. Clockwise starting with the spindle... as you can see I've already blended some of the pink mohair with some merino and started spinning with it. Next to the spindle is the braid of teal colored merino/tencel. Then the bag of pink mohair locks. The color in person is a little deeper but this is pretty close.

The next bag is the fawn colored alpaca fiber. That's four ounces there for $10. I THINK I bought it from Alpaca's of Rivanna River Farm but I got some of the business cards mixed up so it might be from another vendor. In any case, it's really nice. Finally, at the top of the picture are the Strauch Fiber Wool Child-sized hand cards. I have small hands so these are perfect for me.

The first pound (or so) of Kate's wool is drying on a window screen in front of a fan in my front room. The house has an interesting barnyard aroma just now... faint, but definitely there. Ken, thankfully, says he can't smell it. I actually don't mind it at all. It's just sort of 'earthy'.

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Mary said...

You know, I think I fondled that very braid of teal merino/tencel last Sunday, and if I were a spinner, I would have bought it, it was so beautiful! I'm glad someone got it. Lovely!