Saturday, October 21, 2006

I've never felt so loved

Friday was an interesting day. I was stressing out over having to cram 26 inmates into one classroom so a guest speaker for their class could come to talk to them (it's a cognitive therapy group addressing the effects of crime on victims). Normally, this group is divided into two and the speaker comes twice in the week to talk to each small group. This time she could only come once, so we scheduled it for Friday at 2 p.m.

I went to lunch then swung by my office and checked my voice mail. I had three messages. One from an inmate's mother who was looking for her son. One was an invitation to come to a second interview for the first job for which I interviewed on the phone. The third call was from the District Chief who was offering me a job as a probation officer.

The first job involves lots of traveling (although they provide the car, a cell phone, a lap top and a pager). It has HUGE networking potential. It has the potential to be either a ton of fun or a total stress out. I don't know enough about it to figure that out. It also pays more. And did I mention it would involve a lot of travel?

They are also just talking about a second interview at this time... not a job offer... yet.

The second job, the probation officer job, is the next logical step in my career with DOC. It pays more than I'm making now, but not as much as the first job. It's high stress. It's doing something I deeply believe in (law enforcement). It's tons of paperwork. It's a good office to work for. People don't normally leave positions in this office unless they die. Openings in this office come rarely. And the chief really, really wants me to come work for him.

I told him about the first job and the second interview. He told me to hold on and he would call me back. He did and invited me to come out to the office after work. I went by and he introduced me to everyone there. He sat me down and told me that he was going to ask for more money from the department. He filled out some paperwork and sent it off to headquarters. We chatted for a bit more and I went home (making note, mind you, that everyone in that office was still at work at 5:30 on a Friday night... they are very serious about what they do).

The phone at home rang at 7 p.m. It was the chief. He said he had made some phone calls. I suspect he called some people at home on a Friday evening to get the information he wanted. He told me that while they wouldn't give him enough money to match what the first job offered, he could get within $100 to start. And, if I was still there in 2 years, he would guarantee in writing that I would be making an additional $3,000.

Now, for those of you who don't work for the state, this is pretty normal stuff. For a state employee, to have folks fighting to get you a higher starting salary... it's unheard of!

I'm freaking out! I'm utterly amazed. Even more amazing, he told me to go for the second interview. He said he believes I have paid my dues and deserve the best job and top pay. He said he knows the job he offers is going to be very hard work. He wants me to have no doubts.

But he still wants me to come work for him and hopes I will in the end. Still, he needs an answer by Monday so he can get the transfer paperwork started.

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