Saturday, October 07, 2006

Answer to Barbara

Barbara asked a good question in the comments under the post about doing spinning wheel research. She wanted to know if I had considered a Lendrum.

At this point I am not. The reason I have, at this point, skipped the "modern looking" wheels is because of how my house is decorated. My wheel will probably "live" in our sitting room/music room. All of the furniture in that room is either an antique or an antique reproduction.

There is no one time period represented but I want it to fit in reasonably well.

The other reason is that I may be doing demonstrations at events where a more "traditional" looking wheel would be better received.

Someday I will probably buy a second wheel and it may well be a Lendrum. But I really want my first to be something I find to be personally attractive to me.

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Barbara said...

There are a couple of nice wheels on the spinners and weavers housecleaning pages

The Kromski Symphony with the woolee winder is an especially good buy.

I have woolee winders for 4 of my wheels and they are amazing.