Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Honey Do List for ME!

Well, my honey is gone for the weekend and his biggest gripe with me lately is that in his opinion I "don't do anything." I think what actually happens most of the time is that I start something, he doesn't like the way it is going, and jumps in and takes over and thus believes that I do nothing and he does everything.

So, I'm thinking I will accomplish some things while he is gone that will be very noticiable when he gets back. Stuff he hasn't done.

Here's what I hope to do:
  • Remove some of the excess furniture from the small bedroom upstairs.
  • Put away the camping box currently sitting in my living room.
  • Carry all my roving and yarn (except current working projects) upstairs and put away in the closet in the small bedroom.
  • Make a run to the Good Will and get rid of the multiple bags of clothing no one here wears anymore
  • Go to Wal-Mart and buy Matt's school supplies and another bin for my roving
  • Price mattresses at two of the local furniture stores (we need to replace the mattresses on the twin beds)
  • Vaccuum our room and hang the curtains and remove the towels he currently has hung in there for darkness.
Fortunately, Matthew is home and can help me with the heavy stuff.

So here it is Saturday at 9:35 a.m. Do you think I can get even a small portion of that done before he gets home Sunday evening?

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