Saturday, September 23, 2006

Feed a cold

And I have a doozie. But no appetite. I feel like I've been living off a combination of Tylenol, cold tablets and Aleve for a week.

The herbal hot toddies seem to help, too. But I can't have those while I'm a work. Such a shame. It would make work seem much less stressful.

I knew it was going to be a miserable cold when it started because the first thing that happened last Tuesday morning was that I woke up from the pain of a sore throat. When the pain wakes you up, you know it's bad.

The next day the pain in my throat wasn't quite so bad but my nose kept running. Then the coughing started. Today I've had to deal with the tight chest and the sinus headaches to go along with the runny nose, the coughing and the sore throat.

But I think I've reach the peak of this thing. Certainly, over all I don't feel WORSE. And twice today the fever broke just by drinking my tea blend.

The tea blend, in case you are interested, is Astralagus, Golden Seal, Peppermint, and Colts Foot. To the empty cup (before I pour the tea from the pot) I add a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of honey and a half shot of whiskey. Then I pour in the tea and stir until the honey dissolves. I drink it as warm as I can stand it. Usually, about halfway through consumption of the tea (I sip it), I break out in a sweat and if I take my temperature at that moment I find that my fever has broken.

It sort of reminds of me of a hot flash without the internal heat... just the sweat. Nothing like soaking your clothes while sitting perfecty still. Then I'll get a little chilled.

But I feel better. And a hot shower helps break up the gunk in my sinuses.

I suspect it is the mold in the corn. The farmer who owns the property next to the prison started cutting his corn on Monday. On the drive home, I went through a cloud of dust being blown out of a combine cutting corn. I started coughing but I thought it had passed. Then I woke up in pain on Tuesday.

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