Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Would I be Mad????

I've been playing with a notion... what if I could find the time to spin enough yarn (lovely, designer-type yarn, of course) that I could set up a vending tent twice or three times a month throughout the summer at various farmer's markets and craft shows and sell yarn, roving and spindles?

It might pay for my new addiction. But would it eventually lead to enough income that I could "retire" from the state government job and do it full time? Open a knitting and spinning shop?

Could I also sell commercially made yarn (best quality, of course) and still make a profit?

Who knows?

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Hoover said...

I think a spinning/knitting shop is a fine idea. Although, the business volume may be a little low since it's a narrow market...perhaps you could consider a spinning/knitting/tea shop. Tea is supposed to be the new espresso, you know. You'd want to figure out what's the best tea for various spinning tasks, and what's the best spinning/knitting to do with particular teas.