Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More rovings arrive...

My husband is a long suffering man, you know. He comes to work about the same time I leave and as I was leaving today, he arrived and said: "Two boxes arrives for you today. More wool stuff."
I smiled. He just rolled his eyes and took a drag on his cigarette.
"At least my addiction won't kill me," I said, heading for my car.

And sure enough when I got home I found a small box containing lots of the new Knit Picks Classic Circular knitting needles in sizes ranging from 0 to 2 U.S. There are two of each in both 16 inch and 24 inch. I am going to attempt to increase my sock knitting speed because I understand that it's actually easier to knit socks on 2 circular needles. At least I can have several pairs going at one time this way.
Later, I will report on how these new fangled circulars work compared with other circulars I have.

I also recieved the roving from The Sheep's Shed Studio. Oh, this is nice stuff! The black and white is more white than black but it is very, very nice to pet. The brown and white is about equally brown and white and will make a really nice yarn I think.
Carol also included a small bag of some unlabeled brown roving. Not sure what it is but it's a bit coarser than the Corriedale and the Merino I have. It will be interesting to try.
I think I may have to go for a plunge and order 10 or 15 pounds of their BALE of spinning fiber. It's grey but I think it would overdye nicely.

I went out and picked elderberries this evening. I have about a half gallon of them and Ken wants to make a batch of mead. We will see.

I am also going out this evening before it gets dark (and after I finish this) and pick a bunch of the hardy hibiscus flowers (all the ones that bloomed today) and see if I can make a dye bath from them. I will use Alum for mordant this weekend. But I figure a strong tea made from the flowers will be interesting.

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lheiserman said...

That was funny about the Knit Picks box and your comment about addiction to cigarettes. I just told my husband that same thing a couple of weeks ago.