Thursday, July 20, 2006

In class tomorrow

I'm off to the Department of Corrections Academy for Staff Development tomorrow to take a class on criminal behavior. I enjoy taking classes at the Academy. I always come away have learned something so I really have never resented the two hour drive to get there.

I don't like sleeping there overnight. The mattresses are terrible and there seems to be something wrong in the ventilation system for I ALWAYS get sick when I spend the night. So I've stopped doing that even if it means I have to eat the cost of driving my own vehicle back and forth for two or more days.

But tomorrow is a one-day class and three of us are taking the same class so we are meeting at the prison tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. and heading out. I'm going to bring my knitting (probably the Big Black Socks for Soldiers) and see if I can make some progress while on the commute.

Still no word from John. But I do have reservations at a Fort Knox Hotel.

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Robin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! The B&N where the TNK meet is on Huguenot. If you were at Short Pump, you could take 288 to 60. If you want more specific directions, email me! I'll be there knitting with them on August 1. Join us if you can!!