Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Can I just retire now?

I'm so very tired of feeling like I'm being jerked around at work. The inmates aren't bad to deal with. It's the staff and all the ridiculous rules inflicted on staff that really gets my goat.

I was selected (hand picked I'm told) to take a special Federally funded training class so I can teach a class that I'm already teaching (and have been teaching for years). I am going to California. Okay, this is all good.

I put in all my advance money paperwork months ago (and this required a series of 8, count them, 8 signatures including the Director of DOC himself.) Then, just when I'm ready to order my plane tickets 45 days in advance so I can get the best price, I'm told that they will not give me my advance funds until 10 days prior to the trip.

So ANOTHER department (Victim Services) had to buy our tickets (This is a joint venture between DOC and Victim Services). TODAY they tell me our hotel rooms exceed the per diem cost for hotel rooms allowed. Mind you, the original advance money paperwork has been approved with all these figures on it. Fortunately, I should be able to purchase most of my food at a grocery store and keep my food costs down and I may break even.

But I am NEVER going on another trip for DOC. I'm tired of this nonsense. I'm not a child. I'm a professional and I'm tired of how damned cheap and ridiculous this department has become.

I was also told at the Warden's Advisory meeting today that the Human Capitol project has produced a book of recommendations that every employee is encouraged to read. I was told that my department head had a copy to read. So I went to her and asked to see the book. She told me I couldn't see it. Apparently, there recommendations in there she doesn't want us to see. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

So I've decided I really just want to retire. Forget Social Security. I want to be done with these people. Can I just open a yarn shop now and knit, spin and sell yarn, fiber and cool knitting/spinning toys?

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