Friday, May 19, 2006

Hurry up and WAIT!

My son is geting an amazing lesson in the military already. This kid has been trying to enlist since he dropped out of high school this winter and got his GED.

I must have put some kind of powerful protection spell over him when he was younger because it appears that the Gods and Goddesses are going all out to keep him from signing up. I suggested to him that considering the multitude of weird glitches he has experienced in this process that he might want to pay attention, but in his youthful, undisciplined, finite wisdom, he has decided I know nothing.

We finally got through all the red tape regarding my custody issues. He passed the follow-up echocardiogram they insisted on doing only to find out his heart is, in fact, perfect. We waited while the recruiter was finishing up his own divorce and custody issues. Finally, yesterday we went down to Fort Lee to pick his job and sign the contract.

Their computer server crashed. They couldn't even ship out personnel that needed to leave for Basic Training. Everything in today's Army is paperless. Everything stopped due to some breakage outside the base on civilian owned, run and operated DSL lines. Job selection is done on the computers, signatures are captured on Tablets. So we sat. All day.

I knitted and made good progress on the socks (see below).

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