Saturday, April 01, 2006

Scheming a yarn store trip

I'm bad. I admit it. And it's a darn good thing I did not promise to "obey" my husband when we joined hands.

"Don't buy any more yarn," he says, "until you get rid of some of this pile you have now. You have enough."

I have tried to explain to him that a ball of this and an odd ball of that from my mother's stash doesn't count really for anything unless I'm going to make a crazy poncho or something... which I might someday. But that's another project and I have too many on needles right now.

But I have found what looks like a really cool yarn store, sheep farm and knitting resource located in Stanardsville, Virginia called Carodon Farm. It appears to be an active place offering classes and fibre based events as well as a well stocked yarn store. I want to go there. I want to spend money there.

But Ken won't let me. Unless, of course, I can get there without him. And it just so happens there are two times this Spring when I will be in the area without him.

Next weekend I'm picking up a girlfriend in Culpeper and we are traveling to northern Pennsylvania to get tattoos. I'm just having my freshed up as it's do for a make over. She is having additions made to one she already has and our other girlfriend in northern PA is getting her third.

Culpeper is just about 30 minutes north of Stanardsville. I could leave really early, detour south and stop in and spend about an hour at the shop before swinging north again up Route 29 to fetch her. Or hope they are open on Sunday and I'm not too tired and hit them on the way home. But I'd rather have the goods with me up in PA so I can knit while visiting.

Of course, I have several unfinished projects at least two of which I should carry with me. So I may save some sleep time and not take this particular detour this time.

But I am only going to do it because I am scheduled to go to Stanardsville itself for a Beltane campout (again, just us girls since Ken must work) and will have the whole weekend to shop!

Then again, in October (the 7th & 8th to be specific) Corodan Farms will be participating (or may be hosting) the Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia at Monpelier, VA in Orange County. It costs just $5 to get in. I think I will have to attend at least one day to get the experience and meet the fuzzy critters that provide us knitters with the lovely wool we knit.

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Jinann said...

Wow! I love Carodan Farms as well. I've bought a lot of yarn from them over the years....several patterns, and a BUNCH of knitting needles. They are the nicest folks! I always visit their booth at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!