Sunday, March 05, 2006

New sock project

Here are a couple of pictures of the socks I'm working on now. These are in Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. The color is Peacock. The picture is a bit light and the color is a bit richer. In any case, this is close.

I have order more sock yarn from Simply Socks. Still waiting for the yarn from Socks That Rock. I know they are overwhelmed but it might come this week.


reinaknits said...

Where can I buy Cherry Hill Yarn in Peacock..I just love it. I cast on 56 sts onm #1 turbo addi's..will this yarn work?

CateK said...

I bought it from I am very pleased with their service. I will purchase yarn from them in the future. I was using US 2 birch needles. #1 in Addi's would probably work fine as Addi runs a little bigger.

I must say while they were soft and comfy from off the needles, they only improved after a trip through the laundry.