Saturday, March 25, 2006

Could knitting help?

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I wonder if there is a way to raise money to support organizations fighting global warming through knitting?

I live where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Potomac River. When Virginia was slammed by Hurricane Isabel, water was shoved up the Bay and having no where else to go, started backing up the Potomac River and eventually overflowed her banks. I did not see the destruction myself but I know of people who lost their homes in the flooding who had never so much as seen water touch their front door stoop before.

I am about 14 feet above water. I think. I need to go check a good geological map to make sure. I might be a little lower or a little higher.

I will most likely be dead by 2100 when they are saying sea level will rise by 20 feet. However, about 60 years from now, my house will be waterfront property if global warming isn't stopped and reversed. The time to start doing something was 10 years ago (or more), but we are still floundering trying to even imagine solutions and are taking no concrete steps towards correcting the problems.

Maybe I need to get to work knitting an afghan with a picture of Mother Earth on it as the seas were 103,000 years ago (which is what scientists are predicting for us in 2100 if trends are not corrected). The way I knit, it will take me 60 years to finish this afghan, but by then the cost of living will be so high because there will be so little food available, no one will be able to afford to buy it anyway.

I will revisit this topic at some point. I'm feeling to cynical about it right now and am not offering any real ideas for solutions. I wonder if anyone is already knitting to support the reversal of destruction?

I must say I am discouraged and deeply disappointed that the "enlightened" generation from the 60s is the same generation which is running the U.S. Government now. They may not be the elected officials, but certainly the civil servants and the "lifers" who are one or two levels down from the top.

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Hoover said...

See I suspect they also do "Afghans for Afghanis" and "Knits for Tikrit"-style campaigns.