Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I finished them!

I did it! I finished the scarf for Melissa and I finished the scarf for my son.

I will try to take a picture and get them posted here.

This is the picture of Melissa's Scarf

Next I am on to finish Matthew's sweater and the poncho drapey thing from Melville's first book: The Knit Stitch. She called it a "Scarf Ruana".

With Matt's sweater I hope to learn how to do seaming, decreasing and increasing. The Ruana will call for some seaming. I should make ponchos for my step grand-daughters as they are fairly easy (two rectangles joined).

I will want to make a knitted hat, a pair of warm mittens (something the wind won't blow through), a pair of slippers (currently I have my eye on something called Fuzzy Feet which would also teach me to do felting). And then socks and finally a sweater for me, one for Ken and perhaps others for other people.

This is the scarf I made for my son. Very random thing...

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